Definitive, effective and non-invasive cellulite treatment.


Cellulite is a very frequent aesthetic issue, common in women of all ages. However, apart from the aesthetic part, cellulite affects not only psychology but also self-confidence of a woman.


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an issue presented in many different forms. It may appear with the creation of creases, skin irregularity or the so-called orange peel appearance.

Cellulite is essentially the accumulation of excess fatfluids and toxins that get trapped in fibers under the skin.


What is the cause of cellulite?

Despite the fact that the causes of cellulite are not fully understood, there are some factors, which have been proven that contribute to its formation, such as:

  • excess fatty tissue
  • natural skin ageing
  • heredity
  • hormonal factors


Inside the body

Fluid retention in combination with reduced blood circulation are responsible for the formation of cellulite. Moreover, an increase in fat cells size or number plays a key role and as a consequence, cellulite is noticeable.


What are the stages of cellulite?

Cellulite is divided into 3 different stages:

  • 1st stage – the crease is visible only when the skin is pinched
  • 2nd stage –the crease is visible in a standing position
  • 3rd stage –the crease is visible when standing or lying down


The issue of cellulite, thanks to the advanced technology and modern applications, can be treated to a large extent with injectables, as well as with non-invasive and efficient method, through body mesotherapy ALIDYA (Anti-Lipo Dystrophic Agents).



What is injectable body mesotherapy for cellulite (ALIDYA)?

Injectable mesotherapy for cellulite is a powerful product that eliminates fat underneath the skin. After reaching the desired depth, particular active ingredients are injected to the affected area and through synergistic effect, stimulate the formation of lipolytic genes.


Which are the benefits of the treatment?

The powerful combination of active ingredients has the following benefits:

  • activates collagen production
  • fights orange peel appearance
  • improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • increases elasticity and destroys fiber trabeculae
  • rejuvenates skin
  • removes toxic products of metabolism
  • improves blood circulation


Which are the advantages of the treatment?

  • facilitates and increases vascular permeability increasing blood circulation
  • strengthens the connective tissue by activating collagen synthesis in the area
  • increases fibroblasts’ formation and extracellular fibronectin
  • improves oxygenation of skin cells and provides also biological components for restructuring extracellular matrix


Which are the main active ingredients contained?

  • A polyaminoacid
  • D-(+) α-D-glycopyranose 1-4 glucosidase
  • Calcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate
  • Amino acid regulatory system with correction of sodium bicarbonate
  • Osmolality regulator

How does the treatment is performed?

Initially, the affected area is marked with a skin marker in order to separate the areas we would like to treat. Then, with a very thin needle (30-32G) the material is injected exactly to the affected area.

The sensation from needling is temporary and almost imperceptible although topical anaesthetic creams can be used before the treatment in order to make it even more enjoyable.


Risks and safety information

Cellulite treatment is, in general, a painless and safe treatment. In rare cases, transient symptoms can be observed such as:

  • bruising
  • itching
  • erythema
  • mild swelling

These symptoms, if they occur, they subside after the first 2-3 days.

For more information regarding the procedure of ALIDYA treatment and its cost, book today your appointment with the Plastic Surgeon, Dr Nikos Karmiris.